Our expansion into the defence segment is a result of our understanding of special needs and our technical knowledge
of how to build high-performance suits. Real professionals need to rely on products made by a proven specialized vendor known for consistent 100% quality and function. Waterproof has had a major breakthrough into this market segment with our line of suits and accessories for Military, Rescue and Police personnel. As with everything else we have done in the past for the diving community, we are determined to leave a statement of quality and design in this segment of the industry.


The Waterproof team works very closely with our clients as Special Forces, Navy divers, Rescue teams and Sea Police to develop an understanding of their highest priorities and needs.
Due to the arduous work and intricate tasks this group must perform, they have special design needs that are exclusive to their field of work. At the top of the fundamental issues that need to be addressed are movability, functionality, and comfort.


Waterproof’s unique company structure, with an in-house
 R&D department, own material sourcing and production units, we
can alter, adjust, and customize our basic platform to every customer’s specific requirements and needs. Our set-up results in full control of all steps in the design process, from the first idea to the final product.


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